Zager Guitars Reviews

What Our Customers Think About Their Custom Zager Guitars…

I received my Zager 900CE guitar a while ago and have since played it with my worship band in church, and haven’t looked back. It is a very fine guitar; I have no complaints but only praise. I have been playing since the Beatles landed here in ’62 and have not played, let alone owned, such a beautiful easy playing guitar. I own many guitars from Gibson to Hagstrom and still have not played anything so easy on the fingers and sound so beautiful, a tone with quality that surpasses any well known manufacturer or brand, and the tone is so fine with a top of the line heavy bass that just resounds an articulate melodius feel, it sends chills up my spine. Now, I have many beautiful guitars in my collection, but none so attractive than my Zager 900CE. It is the envy of all my friends that own Martin’s, Gibson’s, etc. I would recommend a Zager over anything else, for now I am a beilever that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for quality, sound and beauty. You have the attention of all my friends and I can predict that they will be looking for a Zager of their own.

-Dusty (Raleigh, NC)

Just got my Zager 20E on Wednesday. First off, photos do not do justice to the fit, finish quality of this instrument. It was flawless. I didn’t get a chance to really play it the first night, as much as I wanted to; letting it settle. So today I played right after lunch and couldn’t believe how much I instantly loved this guitar. I was so happy that it turned out this well because I wasn’t sure without getting to play it before I bought. But there’s no way this guitar is being returned, Dennis. I absolutely love it. Thanks again for everything.

-Ryan (Burlington, VT)

I want you to know how absolutely thrilled I am with the Zager Guitar I purchased from you. The moment I took it out of the box, I immediately knew that it was a very high-end guitar. The finish is so beautiful, with a brilliant shine. I’ve been playing the guitar every chance I get. To my surprise, I remember many of the basic chords that I used when I played the guitar several years ago. My tender fingertips (left hand) do not get sore from playing because the action on the guitar is so unbelievably low. The guitar has such a rich, full sound, with sparkling highs and deep, luxurious lows! It stays in tune and none of the frets or strings buzz at all. In short, this Zager guitar is the best guitar I’ve ever played or owned. I have already derived many hours of pleasure from playing it, and that means that I’ll love it even more as my skills improve. Kudos to your dad and yourself for making the greatest guitars. Thanks again!

-Marlene (Houston, TX)