Zager Guitars Online


Going Online

In the late 1990’s with the advent of the Internet Denny’s son (Dennis Jr.) came up with the idea of putting together a guitar web site where players of all levels could learn from his fathers 60 years of experience via a library of videotaped guitar lessons. It would also give players the opportunity to try Denny’s custom guitars.

The web site was an immediate hit. Thousands of players from all over the world began learning from Denny “online” and ordering one of his famous Zager Guitars.

Denny attributes the success of his web site to the 30 years of fine-tuning he did on his inventions teaching thousands of students locally.

“My guitars and learning system had already been used successfully by thousands of players for over 3 decades…The Internet was simply an avenue for more players to find me.”


Today Denny Zager is recognized as one of the premier guitar luthiers in the United States.

He’s spent over 40 years refining his “science” to a level that professional musicians and guitar builders consider absolutely astounding.

One company (the oldest acoustic guitar maker in the world) recently reviewed a Zager Guitars and proclaimed it to be “one of the easiest playing guitars they had ever tested.” 

The Future

Denny plans to work on more guitars with his son Dennis Jr. while promoting several new models that were created and released on the market in 2013. Denny also plans on spending more time in the recording studio creating new lessons for his online guitar lesson library.